Become a Traffic Magnet With Pinterest

COMING OUT  – 10th February

Are you an online business owner wanting to attract more traffic to your online shop?

 Are you a pro blogger wanting to attract more readers to your blog?

 Do you want to start using Pinterest but have no idea how?

 Are you already using Pinterest but feeling you’re not making the most of it?

 Are you tired of spending hours trying to find the best way to use Pinterest without much success?

 Are you fed up of Pinterest courses that have too much technical blablabla making you feel overwhelmed?




Pinterest is an amazing visual search engine that, on the long run, can be a massive powerful traffic magnet to your business.

For nearly 10 years I have been working with business owners and bloggers across the globe helping them with growing their businesses with Pinterest.

Most of them come to me feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated about using Pinterest.

Some of them don’t even know how to start their presence on Pinterest (or how it works), and many others have been trying hard on Pinterest but with little results.

Because they hear so many good things about how Pinterest can drive so much traffic, get them an amazing exposure, etc, but they are not seeing any of that.

Growing your own online business

Maybe you’re a mom starting your own online Shopify store.

Or an online entrepreneur with several online businesses.

Or maybe you quit your job (or want to quit) in order to be a pro blogger and make money from your passion.

What all this have in common is: you want to grow your business and you want to use Pinterest for it.

You are here because you are ready to take your business to the next level and


You know you can attract a massive amount of people to your online store or blog and have a positive impact in their lives whilst growing your business and living the lifestyle you want and deserve.

I know very well how it feels wanting to grow your business and expand in the world,

So I know very well that you want to focus on what you do best and have Pinterest working for you (not the other way around)!

I know that because I have done it myself, and so my focus is exactly on helping you use Pinterest the right way in order to grow your business – easily and joyfully.

My Pinterest Marketing Method

I know that many Pinterest courses out there are too complicated, hard to understand or implement. And you’re sick of it.

It doesn’t have to be hard. We’re going to keep things simple. It’ll make your life easy.

From working with hundreds of Pinterest business accounts over the years, I know exactly what works on this visual search engine.

I have taken business accounts from zero to over 500k impressions and from zero to 17k monthly website visits.

Although Pinterest is a search engine and works on a similar way to Google (in the sense that it takes time and consistency to get high on the Smart Feed), there are things that need to be done on a business account in order to get the best results.

And that goes beyond having the right boards or beautiful pins with the right keywords.

I have developed a simple Pinterest Marketing Method that works with Pinterest’s algorithm organically and contains all the actions you need to do to grow your account.

This is the method I implement for my clients and for my own Pinterest accounts as well.

Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest IS the main source of traffic to my blog and is currently driving around 17k visits:

Source: Google Analytics


This didn’t happen by chance. It happened through careful planning, commitment, investment, and DOING WHAT REALLY WORKS (like getting your pins to go viral)!


What do you get?

 All the info on what you need to do to have a stunning optimized Pinterest business account that reflects your brand

 Life-time access to all the course content

 Training videos where I’ll guide you directly from my laptop and showing my own screen.

 Everything that really works on Pinterest in a practical and simple straight forward way.

plus: Bonus: My Method For Pinterest Management & Growth (what to do monthly, weekly and daily)

plus: Bonus: The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pinterest Marketing: Answered!

plus: Bonus: Weekly Printable Worksheets for you to check

plus: Bonus: Updates about Pinterest changes or new features


week one:

How to create an optimized Pinterest business account

You’ll learn everything you need to have in your account, from the name on your URL, description, location, keywords, links, etc. You’ll also learn about verifying your website and installing Rich Pins (the easy way).

week two:

Defining your ideal clients and how to create a main board and related interest boards that they find

How to create your optimized main board for your products and/or blog posts and how to pin all your content into it

How to name it, choose the right category, add description, keywords and links. You’ll also learn how to create other boards related to your specific audience interests.

week three:

How to create original pins for Pinterest

Either for your products or for your blog posts. I’ll tell you the right size, how to choose photos, what to add in the pins, so it increases your chances of them to go viral.

week four:

How to search and join the right group boards and people to follow on your niche

How to know if a group board is worth to join and high quality, and how to get approved to become a contributor. I’ll also tell you how to search people that are your audience to follow them, and other boards related to your niche.

week five:

How to find and repin curated pins from other profiles

How to find the most popular pins, and how to know if a pin is high quality and you should repin it into your boards.

week six:

How to use Tailwind to schedule and grow

I’ll tell you how to schedule pins (from Pinterest and websites), how to find and join the best Tribes and how to look at the stats.

week seven:

Bonus: My Method For Management & Growth

I’ll tell you my method for managing and growing your Pinterest account.

After you know how everything works on Pinterest, I’ll tell you what you need to do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis in order to get results.

About Carla

Hi there!

I’m so excited about this course!

I have been helping business owners and bloggers around the world for many years to rock their Pinterest presence, but I always felt I could help so much more people!

And that’s why I have created this course. To be able to reach and help more people get a kick-ass Pinterest account.

I have been working in social media marketing for over 10 years and decided to specialize on Pinterest years ago, because I love it! And because I am really good at it.

I have built a Pintestatic business around it and I want to help you growing your Pintestatic business too!

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