Hi, I’m Carla, Social Media Marketing Coach For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

I am also a heart-centered entrepreneur, blogger, and mom to a lovely 6 year old little girl.

My career in social media started nearly 15 years ago, when blogger.com was at its peak and Facebook was only an idea on Mark Zuckerberg’s mind.

I studied Sociology and Marketing & Communications and have been always fascinated by how social media is a great way to reach people everywhere and anytime.

I have worked for many companies as a social media marketing manager, but I never felt comfortable on a 9-5 job and not having the physical and psychological freedom to live life as I decide.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset which basically made me unemployable in many ways, especially over the years I tried to “fit the mould”.

On my mid 30’s after my daughter was born I’ve had a major spiritual awakening, my life went upside down in all aspects and I went on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I also discovered at that time that I am an intuitive empath and all that it means. And I went on a big journey of connecting with my inner power and my truth.

At that point I have already started my social media marketing business, but I was doing it “on the side” of a job and seeing myself as a freelancer, not as a business owner (complete different mindset here between these two words people).

I’ve decided later on my journey to fully competely embrace my entrepreneurial side and become dead serious about it.

That’s exactly when things started to completely change for me: I was 100% commited and believing in myself like never before.

I knew that I was here in this world to help other with my unique gifts and instead of having my energy scatered as before, I fully chaneled it into being of service to others and make a shit ton of money in the process.

And of course, I’ve had to learn how to organise myself and juggle being a mom with having a a successful business.

The part I like the most of what I’ve built for myself is the complete FREEDOM I have!

Freedom to work when I feel inspired, to do what I want when I want, and especially, the freedom to work around my daughter and be present in her life at all times.

Not having to worry if I’ll make it to the school play on time, or taking time off from work to be with her during the school holidays, or feeling exhausted all the time.

All is done from a place of joy and stress-free mindset. And, of course, have tons of money to splurge in all we want!

I’ve found out that being a mom and an entrepreneur actually helps in many ways: it makes you stay focused on what really matters because time management is key, and also helps you  stay committed and see the bigger picture, because you’re doing this for yourself but you’re also setting up a big example to your little ones, on being bold and following your inner truth and happiness in life.

I am fully committed to help other heart-centered lady boss mom entrepreneurs that want to grow their businesses and use social media marketing to do so.

Marketing techniques and tools are great and I know them all, but on a heart-centered business the focus needs to be on being genuine, authentic, on showing yourself fully on the right social networks and in creating strong connections.

Also, it’s key to be able to work smart and through priorities, being laser sharp focused on what really matters and really works.

That is what I am passionate about and can help you.

Time to show yourself fully. The world needs the bigger you.


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