My Story

Hi, I’m Carla, Social Media Coach For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

I am also an Intuitive Empath, heart-centered entrepreneur and blogger following my soul purpose of bringing light and guidance to other people’s lives.

My career in social media started nearly 15 years ago, when was at its peak and Facebook was only an idea on Mark Zuckerberg’s mind.

I studied Sociology and Marketing & Communications and have been always fascinated by how social media is a great way to reach people everywhere and anytime.

I have worked for many companies as a social media marketing manager, but I never felt comfortable on a 9-5 job or doing social media mainly for sales and selling stuff.

I always felt I could use social media for so much more: to actually help people.

A few years ago I’ve had a major spiritual awakening and my life went upside down in all aspects: I quit my last “traditional” job, and went on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I also discovered at that time that I am an intuitive empath and all that it means. And I went on a big journey of connecting with my inner power and my truth.

I’ve decided later on my journey to start my own business in social media but with a twist: I wish to approach it with a complete different energy.

Instead of hustling hard, force things to happen and push things using marketing methods or techniques, I wanted to use social media as it always came natural to me: to connect with people!

To reach people that are “my tribe”, that are a vibrational match to me and that need my message to help them.

I believe that my spiritual awakening brought me into the place I needed to be and to my life purpose.

Throughout the years I have always had people saying to me that I am great at social media, but is now in this present moment that I feel that I am 100% using my gifts, after I fully opened my heart center.

I am now fully committed to help other heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners that are struggling to use social media in learning how to use it, putting the focus on the “social” part.

Marketing techniques and tools are great and I know them all, but on a heart-centered business the focus needs to be on being genuine, authentic, on showing yourself fully on the right social networks and in creating strong connections.

That is my bread and butter and that is what I am passionate about.

I believe that every heart-centered entrepreneur has a big mission on this planet that is to bring light to other people’s lives.

And is an honour to me to help them connect with the people that need their help and guidance through social media.

The world needs the bigger you.


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