PinPower: Pinterest Guidebook For Bloggers

If you are a blogger wanting to know how to use Pinterest to grow you blog and business, you’ll love this guidebook!

This book contains all the tactics I use myself on Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to my website and blog.

To illustrate this a bit better, I’ll show you the example of my blog The Journey Back To Self, focused on spiritual development.

I have been using the strategy on this guidebook, and it has been driving insane amount of traffic to my blog:

Source: Google Analytics

In fact, of all the social media networks I use, Pinterest is currently the number 1 source of targeted traffic, attracting 10k visitors and growing, with a high % of new users every week.


What is targeted traffic?

Attracting targeted traffic means attracting the right people, your “tribe”.

The audience that is actively looking for you and your services online, the ones that will resonate with you and are potential clients.

Because those are the people you want to attract, not just random numbers, right!? And you can get that with Pinterest.

One of the ways to achieve this is by turning your blog posts viral, when they are shared and saved many and many times, which also leads to many click throughs to your website/blog.

Whilst a post on Facebook or Instagram, or a tweet on Twitter has only a few hours of reach, a pin on Pinterest has days, weeks, and months.

If it turns viral, it will bring back constant traffic every single month to your website, without you having to do anything else!

And it is not that difficult to happen.

That is exactly what happened to one of my posts in my website:

You can click here to see this post “18 Things To-Do For a Happier Life”

I shared this post on Pinterest not only on my boards but also on group boards related to The Law of Attraction and spirituality and it just went viral.

It has currently been shared on 20.7k boards across Pinterest and is one of the pins that is driving that massive amount of targeted traffic into my website.

People that are saving this pin and clicking through to my website are people that are spiritual and into the law of attraction, which is the main purpose of the pin.

So, on this guidebook I tell you the key 21 tactics I use on Pinterest and have learned throughout the years, so you can use it too and have great results.

Price: $24.95