Social Media Coaching

  • Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur and business owner wanting to manage your own presence on social media but have no idea on what to do?


  • Maybe you have already tried many techniques and systems that are too generic and felt overwhelmed?


By working with me, you’ll quickly learn how to use social media for you and your specific business, and will only implement things that REALLY work.

No more wasting precious time “trying” things and feeling exhausted.

We’ll work together on both your Social Media Strategy AND your Visibility Mindset.

We’ll work on blockages you might have or any limiting beliefs that are blocking you from fully showing up on social media and your business.

We’ll release those blockages and put you in a higher vibration where showing yourself fully becomes the new normal.

From that space we’ll work on your social media strategy: what are your goals, what inspires you on social media, what do you truly enjoy doing?

Because there is no set-in-stone formula to be successful on social media: we are all different.

You need to use the tools and techniques that truly resonate with you and put you in a higher energy every time you show up! That is how your soulmate clients will feel the energy from you want want to work with you!

I’ll coach you in revealing/creating the best social media strategy for you and your business, and how to implement it. I will support you until you feel completely at ease yourself.


So, by working with me:

  • You’ll have a specific tailored social media Strategy and Action Plan
  • You’ll step into the right powerful mindset of showing yourself 100%, fearless and unapologetically.

What do you get from working with me?

  • Strategic Coaching: My speciality is strategy, so by knowing who you are and your business, I’ll coach you on what really works for you. No more spending time trying tons of different stuff: with me you’ll get more results with less effort and time, because your focus is on what matters. And have fun doing it too!


  • YOU come first: I’ll take in consideration not only your specific business and goals, but who YOU are as a person, by using my own intuitive empathic abilities. I do not tell you to do things that make you cringe or are not in line with who you are. I take into consideration your preferences, but at the same time I’ll take you out of your comfort zone in order for you to get outstanding results.


  • Overall online presence: I have been working in social media and online marketing for over a decade, so although now I specialize in social media, I have a successful background in other areas too, such as: blogging, SEO, email marketing, website optimization, WordPress, and others. So, I’ll help you with other key areas of your online presence as well, so you have a strong online footprint.

Who Do I Work With?

My ideal client is a heart-centered entrepreneur and business owner who truly believes they can grow through fully showing themselves and their business on social media.

They feel ready to go deep into an amazing journey of stepping into alignment with showing themselves fully and unapologetically on social media.

  • You want to use social media to grow your business and reach your amazing clients
  • You feel you deserve to manifest a successful business, make tons of money with it and live a happy life
  • You feel you have unique gifts that need to come out fully into the open so they can make a difference in other people’s lives

Who Do I Not Work With?

If you’re looking for social media marketing easy way-out techniques or methods and do not want to fully show yourself, if you are a logical, skeptical person, or are not ready or willing to commit to change or invest in yourself and what you want.

What’s My Experience?

I have been helping heart-centered business owners from all over the world as a social media marketer & coach for over 10 years.

My expertise is in strategy – due to my intuitive empathic abilities and my social media experience, I can easily understand the nature of my clients businesses and of who they are, and create a tailored strategy just for them.

By working with me, you have the best of both shifting into the right visibility mindset and learning how to use social media properly for you and your business.

How does my coaching works and what are the rates?

Our work together will include:

  • Initial Skype or Zoom call
  • Creation of a social media strategy action plan for you
  • 1h weekly coaching Skype or Zoom call (we’ll always be in touch by email in between)

This is a 2 month coaching programme at the rate of $1000 per month, or a discounted rate of $1850 if payed in full.

If you are interested in working with me, click below to book a free discovery call where we can talk about your needs and see if we are a good fit to work together: