Social Media Marketing Coaching

  • Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur and/or blogger wanting to know how to grow a successful business?
  • You have no idea on how to use social media to grow your business?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and energetically stuck?

By working with me, you’ll quickly learn how to use social media for you and your specific business, and will only implement things that REALLY work.

No more taking hundreds of courses, wasting precious time “trying” things and feeling exhausted.

I have being working in social media marketing for over 10 years and have a tailored approach with all my clients.

That means that with me there’s no “one-size-fits-all” stuff. I’ll help you understand social media, create a tailored strategy for YOU and coach you on how to implement it. Simple.

“I met Carla at a Meetup event and learned about her coaching business.

A few months earlier I had opened an online shop for my hand-painted silk scarves but was not sure how I could possibly attract customers.  I instantly knew that I had to get her advice on how to progress with my dream.

Carla prepared an action plan consisting several ideas how I could get my name out into the online world. The focus was on using social media sites effectively and she also reviewed my online shop.

We had a 1:1 coaching session where Carla presented the action plan and explained each single task in detail. She advised which social media sites would be beneficial for my purpose and how to use these. She even helped me setting up accounts on sites that I had not used before and showed me how they work. I also got some helpful tools to use alongside the social media sites (e.g. a website to prepare pictures for each social media site).

I have learned a lot from her coaching and still regularly use the action plan as a reference.
I am very happy and grateful for the work she has done for me. And it was successful. I am selling now scarves via my online shop 🙂 “

 Sabine Triphaus – Silkmagie, UK

Social Media Strategy Coaching

I believe that in order to have a succesful business and use social media properly, you need to be in the right mindset.

A mindset of:

  • Showing yourself fully on social media
  • Be totally confident in yourself and your gifts
  • Knowing very well who your ideal clients are and which social networks they use
  • Being consistent and happy in your social media presence

When you let go of limiting beliefs and you up-level your mindset, that’s when you go on social media showing all your radiance and amazing energy, becoming a magnet to the right people to find you.

I don’t believe in “working hard” or “hustling 24/7” to have a successful business and getting exhausted and frustrated in the process.

I do believe in working smart, from alignment and joy. I believe in co-creating with the Universe and that doors open effortlessly when you are in the flow of life and putting your well-being first.

So, on our sessions together, we’ll work on your business mindset and also on creating a social media strategy that works for YOU!


  • Understand what is social media and how it can help the business in your  specific niche
  • Have a tailored social media marketing strategic plan for your business that works
  • Learn how to properly use social media networks
  • Get help with any other online marketing or website presence

This is YOUR work that will last a lifetime

My work here is to help you know how to exactly use social media to grow your business.

To also help you show up on social media the right way and with the right energy.

And, most importantly, to save you precious time by doing on social media only what really works for you, so you have the FREEDOM of having your own successful business where YOU decide when to work.

That is why I only work with people that are trully 100% commited and serious to have this life-changing experience with me.

I believe it is really a life-changing experience because instead of spending thousands of dollars trying courses and techniques, you have an experienced professional telling you exactly what works for you.

So, you’ll learn in a few weeks what otherwise could take you months or even years to learn!


Who do I work with?

Heart-centered entrepreneurs and bloggers that are ready to take their life and business to a new level.

I work with entrepreneurs in all areas: bloggers, coaches, people that sell online products or services, and in all sectors.

Who do I not work with?

If you’re looking for social media marketing easy way-out techniques or methods and do not want to fully show yourself, if you are a logical, skeptical person, or are not ready or willing to commit to change or invest in yourself and what you want.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. It is your responsibility to implement all I teach you on a consistent basis and get the results to your business.

Hi lovely mom! I’m Carla, an entrepreneur, business owner, blogger, and mom to a 6 year old girl who means the world to me.

I’ve started working on social media and online marketing nearly 15 years ago, and after many years of trying to “fit the mould”, I decided to seriously start my own business.

I’ve done a lot of mindset work myself, leaving behind limiting beliefs of lack and scarcity and stepping into a mindset of abundance and success. My own inner truth.

The result is a very succsessful business and a lifetime with complete freedom to do what I want when I want, and work around my daughter.

I am living my dream of inspiring other moms with my unique gifts and help them build a successful business and life. Being of service to others is everything to me.

Because you can do it too.




Social Media Strategic Plan

I’ll create a tailored social media strategic plan for you, your niche and your specific business goals.

This plan contains the social media networks that are right for YOU, and also contains everything you need to know about them:

– Type of content you need to create and deliver (and when)
– How to reach the right audience and get targeted followers
– How to use paid ads
– How to create interaction and engagement
– How to drive traffic to your website

The plan will be delivered in .PDF format  and contain easy to understand and contain detailed instructions on how to do and implement every single action point.

Follow-up support: I offer a 2 week follow-up support through email.

Get it now *:

* After you buy this service, I’ll contact you on your email.

Social Media Strategic Plan + Coaching

Same as above, I’ll create a tailored social media strategic plan for you, your niche and your specific business goals.

The plan will be delivered in .PDF format  and contain easy to understand and contain detailed instructions on how to do and implement every single action point.

Then, we’ll have two 1 hour each Skype sessions on how to implement the strategy, where I’ll guide you and answer your questions. *

  • The 2 sessions need to be booked in maximum 1 month after the delivery of the Action Plan.

Follow-up support: I offer a 2 week follow-up support through email after the last Skype session.

Get it now*:

* After you buy this service, I’ll contact you on your email.

“Fantastic seller and experience. Carla built my Pinterest account as requested with ease. She is very professional and easy to work with. Nothing was too much trouble and she answered my queries and explained everything every step of the way. I will be hiring her to do all my social media in 2018. I highly recommend her services.”

Irene – Learning to Love Literacy, Australia


“Awesome job performed by Carla. We had an immediate increase in the audience and she caught the sense of what we wanted in the blink of an eye. 

High-quality work, excellent communication and quickly adapted to our needs. Let me just say, anyone who doesn’t hire, is missing out on a great opportunity for their social media.”


 Tenerife Travel Secrets, Spain

Final words

If you are wondering if this is for you, my advice here is listen to your intuition.

Heart-centered entrepreneurs always listen to and follow their intuition and divine inspired guidance.

If you wish to contact me beforehand, send me an email to and I’ll respond asap.