How To Make a Pin Go Viral on Pinterest – Free Guide

One of the things I like about Pinterest (besides giving you great ideas for everything), is that a pin in there lasts FOREVER.

Contrary to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where a post has a short lifespan, on Pinterest your pins stay there getting seen, repinned and driving traffic to your website/blog for weeks, months and even years after you pin them.

This all gets enhanced if your pins go viral.

By viral I mean they organically start getting hundreds or thousands of views, repins, and click throughs by many different people.

It means that your pin is popular and seen as a high value piece of content!

It gets what I call the “snow ball effect”, it just keeps getting more views, repins and click throughs as time goes by, without the need of you doing anything else.

But how to get a pin to go viral on Pinterest?

It’s not as hard as it might look like.

To tell you exactly how to do this, I’ll use the example of one of my viral pins:

Click here to see this pin on Pinterest

This pin is from my other website

I pined it into Pinterest months ago, it went viral and its stats are just insane:

Source: Pinterest Analytics

And these stats are only from 30 days!

Source: Pinterest Analytics

Here’s the traffic that is sending to my website:

Source: Google Analytics

 So what makes this pin so “special” that it went viral like this?

To know ALL about it, and how YOU can create pins that go viral on Pinterest and drive an insane amount of traffic to your website/blog:

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