How To Go Live On Social Media

Have you ever wanted to go live in your Facebook page or group, or on other platforms such as Instagram or Youtube?

Does it scare the shit out of you so you keep postponing it?

When you go live, you are showing yourself fully to your audience and yes I agree that can feel scary, if you’re not used to it.

But postponing it or feeding the fear won’t make it any easier.

You need to think instead about the benefits:

  • It instantly connects you with your audience
  • It’s a great engagement tool
  • The right people will resonate with you: the ones that are ready to and want to become your clients and buy from you
  • It creates massive online exposure for you: much more powerful than blog posts or paid adverts

So, if you’re ready to switch from contracting in fear to expanding and uplevel your business, this course is for you.

What You’ll Get In This Coaching Course?

I have been helping so many of my clients with starting to “go live” and get so many questions about it on a weekly basis that I have decided to put together this online video course where I tell you ALL about “going live”.

Practical Info

The information, tips and advice I give you in this course is what I apply myself on my live videos, and that you can immediately start applying yourself too and see results.

I’ll tell you what to do before, during and after the live videos, with practical tips and information that you can use.


Besides all the practical stuff about doing the videos, I also tell you about up-levelling and stepping into the right mindset: committing to yourself and your audience to fully show yourself and your business.

I give you key tips on how to let go of fears and limiting beliefs, shift your focus to what really matters, and just go for it.

It is basically about stepping up and showing up!


Video Course

This course is a video coaching course with 11 different modules/videos:

1 – The Power of Showing Up Live & Fully
2 – Preparation Tips Before You Go Live
3 – How To Do Practice Videos
4 – Set Up & Follow a Structure That Works For You
5 – What To Talk About And Create Value
6 – When To Go Live: Scheduling in Advance or Going Spontaneously?
7 – Stepping Into The Right Mindset: Focus on being of service
8 – How to Engage With The People That Are Watching
9 – Add One Call-To-Action To Your Videos
10 – How To Maximise The Exposure Of Your Live Videos After They Are Finished
11 – How To Upload Facebook Videos Into Youtube

Start Today

After you buy this course, you’ll receive an email with a link and a password to access all the videos. You’ll also receive the free eBook in your email address.

Price: $44