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If you use Pinterest, you probably noticed one of the BIG changes the platform had this year.

Pinterest is not showing repins anymore and is driving everyone crazy. I’ve been having many people on social media asking me what the hell!?  How are we able to know the number of repins now?

So, if you want to know how to still be able to see the number of repins your pins have, keep reading because I am about to tell you in this post.


Engagement stats

Since October 2017 Pinterest changed its stats and stopped showing repins to showing “engagement stats”.

When you click on the little bar graph on the lower right of your pins, you’ll see engagement info including:

  • Closeups: when someone taps a pin for a closer look
  • Clicks: when someone clicks through a pin and visits your website
  • Saves: when someone saves (the new word for “pins”) a pin to their own board.

The “saves” stat is basically what they used to call “repins”, but from what I have been founding out in the social media marketing community, this info is often inaccurate.

Fortunately, there is still a way to know the accurate number of repins by using the tool Tailwind.

If you don’t know it, Tailwind is a complete Pinterest and Instagram management tool, that allows you to schedule pins and posts, to find great content and also to join Pinterest Tribes, an amazing way to quickly grow your Pinterest account by having your content shared by other people – I use it myself to grow my Pinterest account.

Tailwind is currently the only place you can know your Pinterest repin counts now in an accurate way.

How to see repins on Tailwind

On your Tailwind dashboard, click “Publish” on the menu on the lefthand side and then select “Published pins” below that.

You’ll see your individual pins, when they were pinned, which board they were pinned to and how many repins they have got so far.

This is the stat you want just like it used to be before the change on Pinterest!


See Pinterest repins on other people’s pins

With the latest Pinterest change, you can no longer see repins on other people’s pins either.

Not having that information anymore can make it difficult to see how popular a pin is and having an account with popular and trending pins.

Not all people using Pinterest know this, but in order for your account to have a higher ranking on Pinterest (and be recommended to other users and get more followers), it is important that you pin popular and trending pins from other people.

The solution to this is, you can also see other people’s repins using Tailwind.

The feature to check repins on other people’s pins is called “Find Content” and is represented by a lightbulb in the lefthand navigation menu on your Tailwind dashboard.

This feature is currently on beta mode and not all users have it. If you don’t see it, contact Tailwind help desk and they’ll add it to your dashboard.

By using “Find Content”, you basically search by other pins using keywords and then sort the results by popular, trending or relevancy.

Each pin shows a little number with a blue fire in the upper right and if you hover over it, that tells you how well that pin is performing BOTH on Pinterest and on Facebook!

This will help you find popular and trending pins for you to repin on your account, and also to give you great ideas and inspiration to create your own pins.

I hope this article was useful to you and if you have any questions drop me an email to 🙂

Happy Pinning!

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