How To Start Your Own Pinterest Community

Pinterest has a new (amazing) feature called Communities.

It works on a similar way to Facebook groups, if you are familiar with them.

A Pinterest Community is created around a specific topic and then you can post discussions and get people join your community and interacting with your discussions,

I think this is not only a great opportunity to get more interaction on Pinterest (besides commenting on pins), but it is also a tremendous opportunity for you to create a community around your niche’s interests, deliver great value, position yourself as an expert in a specific topic, and get more exposure for your products and your brand!

And, since it is very new, there aren’t at the moment that many communities yet, so if you start one now, chances are it will thrive quickly.

At the moment in order to join any Communities, you first have to be invited to one.


So, I am inviting you to join mine: Top Pinterest Marketing Tips, here:


After you join it, then you’ll be able to create your own, and join other communitites too.


How do you create your on Community?

After you join my community, you’ll start seeing “Community” at the top menu on your profile:

When you click on it, you’ll see all the communities you have joined, and some recommended to you by Pinterest that you can join too.

And you’ll also see the option to create one on the top right hand side:

After you click to create a community, there are 3 simple steps to do it:

  1. Add a Photo
  2. Add a name
  3. Add a description


1. For the photo, I recommend adding a photo that is related to the topic of the community that clearly shows what is all about.

For example, for my own community, I added a photo of someone working on their laptop, as it is related to Pinterest Marketing tips, and so writing on a laptop makes sense 🙂


I advise to use an image without text as Pinterest tends to be cropping and stretching the cover photo.


2. Next, add a name to your community.

I recommend adding a name that is related to your niche/topic, but it clearly shows the value in joining.

So, in the case of my community, I named it “Top Pinterest Marketing Tips”, because basically that’s what I’ll be doing in there! Simplezzzzz


3. For the description, write a bit more about the benefits of joining the community, and add the URL to your website/blog.

If you don’t want to waste too much time now in writing a description, write just one or two sentences and come back later.

I advise to add your main keywords in there, as you should do when writing the description of a board.

You can also write some ground rules on how to participate, what’s allowed, what’s not, etc, similar to a Facebook group.

Then, click on create and voilá! You have your own community!


Next step would be to invite people to join.

On your community, click on the icon of the little person with a plus sign at the top of your cover photo:


You’ll have the option to share your Community on other social media channels, copy an invite link to your clipboard by clicking on the link icon, and also invite people on Pinterest by searching for their names:

Next thing to do is to start creating discussions on your community, so when people join, they already have content they can read and interact with.

To do this, click on “Start a Discussion”:

Then you have the option to add a pin or add a photo.

I recommend you add an existing pin on your profile, because this will help you gain exposure for your pins.

Besides commenting and asking questions and interacting in your discussions, your community members will also be able to repin your pin.

After you choose your pin, it’s time to write about it. If you have a Facebook group, you can write something similar.

Basically you’ll want to write something related to the pin, but in a way that gives value, solves a problem, give tips, asks questions, you give an opinion, etc.

Remember, the goal is to engage people and get them to interact (and click on your pin as well).

These communities are so new that the fun of it is precisely playing with it and see how it works best for you and your community.

I’m sure Pinterest will add new features to the Communitites in the future, as they’re quite basic at the moment, but it’s a great time to start yours!

There’s lot of potential in here!

Click to watch the video:

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