Mompreneurs: 20 Ways To Take Care of Yourself That Take Only 20 Minutes

Being a mom and an entrepreneur it’s an amazing experience, but you can easily get caught between working for your business and taking care of your kids, and not having much free time to take care of yourself!

And taking care of yourself is KEY not only to have a successful business, but to have a sustainable business in the long term. And a happy lifestyle too.

Taking care of yourself needs to be at the top of priorities, because if you feel stressed and exhausted, you won’t be able to function properly on anything else.

We live in a YOU first Universe. And we all know how much energy running a business and taking care of our children requires!

Make it a priority to at least a few minutes per day to just be with yourself. Go from being a human doing to being a human being.

Ground and reconnected with yourself. This is the basis of creativity and flow of life. And when you are grounded and in the flow of life, everything runs smoother.

Also, taking a few minutes to take care of your well-being will raise your vibration and put you in a much better mood, which is a better energy to go and interact on social media.

So, on this Infographic, I’m telling you 20 ways to just stop and take care of yourself that won’t take longer than 20 minutes per day  – unless you want to do all of them in one go! 😀


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