Hi, I’m Carla, Pinterest Marketing Expert For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & Bloggers.

I am also a heart-centered entrepreneur, blogger, and mom to a lovely 6 year old little girl.

My career in social media started nearly 15 years ago, when blogger.com was at its peak and Facebook was only an idea on Mark Zuckerberg’s mind.

I studied Sociology and Marketing & Communications and have been always fascinated by how social media is a great way to reach people everywhere and anytime.

I have worked for many companies as a social media marketing manager, but I never felt comfortable on a 9-5 job and not having the physical and psychological freedom to live life as I decide.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and on my mid 30’s after my daughter was born I decided to start my own social media marketing business, but at the beginning I was doing it “on the side” of a job.

I’ve decided later on my journey to fully competely embrace my entrepreneurial side and become dead serious about it.

That’s exactly when things started to completely change for me: I was 100% commited and believing in myself like never before.

Also decided at this point to specialize on Pinterest, which I am completely passionate about and I’m great at it!

I have a very successful Pinterest business account myself, that drives targeted traffic to my website every single day, week and month:

The thing I love about Pinterest – besides getting my creative juices flowing and giving me great ideas for everything in my life – is that a pin on Pinterest stays there FOREVER, driving traffic for weeks, months and even years.

Very different from other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, where the lifespan of a post is very short!

Pinterest is a search engine platform, great for ecommerce shops and bloggers, and great to increase Google rankings too.

I am fully committed to help other heart-centered entrepreneurs that want to grow their businesses and use Pinterest to do so – the ones that know that Pinterest is a consistent and long-term investment in order to see results.

That is what I am passionate about and can help you.