Social Media Coaching

Do you wish to know how to use social media to reach and connect with your audience and potential clients?

Do you want to know which social media channels are right for you?

Do you wish to have fun with using social media?

Do you wish to learn how to easily use the social media tools that can make your life easier?

Do you wish to get enquiries and subscribers and make sales even when you’re not on your laptop, coming from your social media presence?


I have been helping online entrepreneurs with their social media presence for over 10 years.

I know how social media can feel overwhelming: which channels to use? Do you need to be in all of them? Which content to deliver and when? How to engage my audience?

And besides all those questions, on social media the approach needs to be very different from a more “traditional” approach, focused solely on sales.

Social media is a place to:

  • Reach and connect with your audience
  • Engage with the right people in meaningful conversations
  • Show yourself fully and your unique products, services and values
  • Attract the right clients who resonate with you and are a pleasure to work with
  • Open to new opportunities and partnerships
  • Sell your products and services from an aligned place

So, it’s time to stop the trial and error and stop feeling overwhelmed and start HAVING FUN with social media!

By working with me, I’ll help you:

  • Decide which social media channel(s) are right for YOU and your business and goals
  • How to fully use the right social media channel(s) to reach your goals: how to reach, connect and engage with your audience
  • How to sell from an aligned place (without sounding salesy or having fear of selling)
  • How to show yourself fully, speak your truth and attract your audience
  • How to create content and when to post
  • How to use social media management systems to save you precious time
  • How to use paid advertising

By working with me, you’ll do WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, and will actually have fun and enjoy using social media.


My social media coaching is tailored to who you are and your specific business and goals.

How it works:

1- We’ll have an initial 30 min. call (Skype or Zoom) where you tell what your business is about, what has been happening on your social media presence (if you already started it), and your goals.

2- I’ll do my magic and create a social media strategy that works for you.

3- I will deliver the social media strategy to you on a .PDF format.

4- We’ll have an 1h coaching session where we’ll go through the social media strategy and I’ll coach you on how to implement it: screen sharing session.


If you wish to start, please click on the payment button below. After the payment, you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar so you can book a day and time suitable for our first 30 min. session:

* Any following social media 1h coaching sessions can be booked separately.