Top 5 Social Media Tips For Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

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“I really loved your social media tips for heart-centered entrepreneurs. I am reading it repeatedly. It is refreshing to read your tips. It is very different from the ones I read online.”

Sarah – MyLifesManual

I’m Carla Gadyt and I am a Social Media Coach For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & Bloggers.

I have worked in social media marketing for many years, helping businesses having kick-ass results.

But, my approach to social media has always been a bit different than usual.

Because my nearly 15 years of experience in social media made me realize that you get much better results when you focus on the “social” part instead.

Showing the authentic you online, being spontaneous, and delivering great value to others is the key to hold the space for the right people to come and work with you, effortlessly.

It is basically getting into alignment with your true self and bring that alignment into your business. Acting from your heart and from an inspired place.

Also, doing what really works without spending hours every day on social media!

I believe this approach takes off all the pressure that heart-centered mompreneurs feel when they want to use social media but have no idea how.

My approach is a natural and “feel good” approach.

So, the way to go is stepping into that mindset first and start acting as a magnet to attract what you want. And then all the work you do comes from that high vibrational place and it is a joy to do.

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