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8th June 2020:

Facebook Adds Option to Send Marketing Emails via Pages

Several users of Facebook’s Pages app have reported seeing a new function appear over the weekend which prompts them to ‘send customized marketing emails’ via their Facebook Page. How does that work?  Click Here to know more.

8th June 2020:

Twitter bringing back verification, this time with clearer guidelines

Twitter users might finally have an answer to a nagging question: “How many followers does it take to get verified?”

8th June:

WhatsApp has quit search indexing users who chose to create public links of their accounts. The Facebook-owned messaging giant confirmed with Digital Trends that it has blocked the practice and a simple Google query for “” will no longer return an endless list of links to WhatsApp users. Click Here to know more.

 5th June:

Social networking giant Facebook has announced that it is rolling out the photo transfer tool globally for all its users. This new tool allows Facebook users to move their photos and videos to Google Photos directly. Click Here to know more.

2nd June:

In its initial stages, Facebook Marketplace was only offering individual users the opportunity to list and purchase items locally. As the Marketplace grew in popularity, Facebook added new features, like the ability to process a transaction through checkout, and the option to offer shipping. Now, Facebook Marketplace is open to US-based businesses selling new products. Click Here to know more.

2nd June:

Snapchat can now share Stories to other apps, simultaneously or exclusively

Snapchat users can now share their Stories outside of Snapchat, thanks to the latest update that invites third-party developers to leverage Stories for their own platforms. Click Here to know more.

1st June 2020:

Instagram gets smarter about copyrighted music in live videos

At the current time, if someone plays a particular music track for too long in a livestream, associated licensing agreements mean there’s a good chance it’ll suddenly be muted, or even blocked, if it plays beyond a specific time limit. Of course, that’s annoying for the person broadcasting, as well as anyone watching. Click Here to know more.

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