If You Want To Convert More Website Visitors Into Clients, Try This

For a heart-centered entrepreneur and business owner the approach regarding their website needs to be always focused on connection.

As soon as a new visitor enters your website, it needs to instantly know you and start the process of connecting.

That is how you engage someone and start creating a relationship, even before you actually talk to them.

There are 3 simple things you can do on your website that will increase conversions on your website:


Add Videos of You Talking

A heart-centered business is all about connecting, talking, and show yourself fully so you can help others.

A great way to get a visitor instantly engaged as soon as they land on your website is to add a video on your homepage.

You can for example do a Facebook live, export it, and then upload it onto Youtube and then adding it to your website. Or you can just simply shoot the video using your phone or a recording camera.

Although you can very well hire a professional to shoot your video, the idea here is to show yourself as you are. You don’t necessarily need to shoot a video on a paradise beach or getting your hair done especifically for it.

What I am trying to say is that much more important than building the “perfect” scenario, is to just be simple and talk from the heart.

For example, I do a lot of Facebook and Instagram Lives spontaneousy, just because I feel inspired and called to talk about something. The focus is always on helping others.

Why is this a great idea: When a new visitor enters your site and instantly sees your face and listens to you talking, it creates an instant engagement channel.

They immediately connect with your energy, and if they resonate with it, you increase the chances of having them contacting you, enroling on a course or being very interested and taking some form of action.

You’ll also stay much easier on top of their minds. This is very different from reading a website or a blog post.


Add Calls-To-Action

Whatever the page a visitor lands on your website, make sure you add a call-to-action.

For example, a pop up on the homepage asking them to subscribe your newsletter, a link at the bottom of a blog post directing them to your booking calendar, even mentioning your programmes or courses on the videos you shoot and how to enrol.

Why is this a great idea: When you give people a call-to-action, you are helping them on taking action.

They don’t need to search for the contact page on your website or the link to your booking calendar, because you are making that very visible, making their life easier and therefore increasing the chances of them taking action.


Add Testimonials

When someone is interested in your services or products and in working with you but they don’t really know you, having strong testimonials can make a huge difference.

So, do no expect for your happy clients to give you a testimonial, ask them!

A happy client will be keen on giving you a great testimonial for your website and be an advocate for your services.

If you are just starting and don’t have testimonials, consider helping a few people for free in exchange for testimonials for your website.

Why is this a great idea: Testimonials are basically other people (your clients) endorsing your work and the way you do what you do.

Whatever your heart-centered business is, the people that want to work with you are looking for results, very often life-changing experiences.

By providing testimonials, you are telling them that they can indeed have those results with you, increasing the chances of contacting you.

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