Heart-Centered Business Owners: Should You Use Social Media Paid Ads?

The title of this article is a question I am asked quite often, so I decided to write a post about it and help other people too.

I think that paid online adverts on social media are a great way to reach your audience and potential clients, but there’s one VERY important thing to remember here: you have a heart-centered business.

You are not selling a commodity. You are selling guidance, healing, life-changing experiences, products and services to people that need them. This is a very different energy from other types of businesses that are focused solely on sales and numbers.

And that is why many heart-centered entrepreneurs  and business owners struggle on getting advice from “traditional” social media marketing strategies. Because they are not aligned and they do not fit their mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, making (a lot of) money from doing what you love is great, and making money and having a heart-centered business are not mutually exclusive and you can have both, but the approach needs to be very different.

What I mean is, if you run an advert blatanly selling your services or products to people that never saw you before, there’s no engagement there.

Sure, you can have someone seeing the advert, becoming interested and reaching out to you, but you can have a lot more people doing that (the right people doing that) if you have a different approach – the approach of delivering VALUE and creating relationships.


So, what kind of paid ads are better for a heart-centered business?

Simple: the kind of ads where you solve a problem or address a hot issue.

Instead of running a paid advert saying “here I am and my services/products” and fingers crossed that someone will click, you’ll then create adverts where you deliver value to your audience.

For example, let’s say you are a business coach for mompreneurs. You know your audience very well and you know the “common” issues or blockages that they have and they need help with.

So, your advert should focus on that. For example running an advert like: “here is the main thing you as a mompreneur should do to balance work and being a mom”. Or you can advertise a webinar or a free training you are going to do about this topic and invite people to sign up.

Then you can link the advert to a blog post, a training sign-up page, a complimentary call with you, etc.


This type of advert does several things:

  • drives instant attention from the right people
  • shows you KNOW their issues
  • shows you know how to solve them
  • promises to give them guidance/tips/advice to help them
  • makes them want to click and know more/sign up
  • ENGAGES them

Whilst just advertising and selling your services/products creates just one or two of the above, running an advert where you deliver value without selling anything directly, creates all the above and especially creates engagement!

Because the truth is, you do not need to sell anything. You just need to show yourself fully and authentically and show how you can help people with your amazing gifts. And then reach the right people.

Because the right people will want to buy and work with you. And when you show them you know your stuff and you can help them, magic happens.

So, if you want to spend money on paid advertising, make sure you are delivering value: solving an issue, offering something, inspiring, etc. Focus on helping people and on making connections.

You need to be strategic and use paid ads to build trust, likability and authority.


Make it authentic

When you create a paid advert (and this advice is for all your social media content really), make sure you write from the heart.

Forget marketing salesy blablabla. Tell your story, be honest, be raw and be powerfully vulnerable. In other words, be yourself.

Write as if you are writing to a friend. They have an issue and you want to help them. Period.

People will feel your energy from your words and that’s what they will resonate with and make them want to click, read, sign up, follow, contact you, etc.


I hope this helps you and clarifies a bit more of how you can use paid adverts in your heart-centered business. If you have any questions please leave a comment in the comment section below or drop me an email to carla@carlagadyt.com. 🙂

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