Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: How To Step Into a Higher Vibration Before Showing Up On Social Media

One of the key things to do for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners using social media is to step into a higher vibration before using it.

This means that every time you post on social media networks such as Instagram or Twitter, or doing a Facebook Live, you need to feel good, happy and be in a good place.

People will feel your energy through everything you share on social media, so it is so so important to always ground yourself and feel good when showing up.

In my opinion, it is better not to show up at all if for some reason you are “not feeling it”, rather than showing up with a lower vibration.

I myself have days where I am “on a roll” and in such a good vibration that I feel inspired to do live videos, write inspirational posts, ask questions, etc.

Other days where I am not particularly feeling it, but I still want to do a live or post something, I simply take some time to step into a higher vibration before I show up.

It is for example very important to wake up in the morning and take some time to connect with yourself, feel grateful for another day and just feel good. This alone puts you up in a good energy for the rest of the day and to show up on social media.


You can also try to do these things to raise your vibration:


Go Around Nature

Go outside for a walk, a run or just to meditate around nature.

This connection with nature can pretty quick make you feel grounded again.

Try to walk barefoot on grass, soil or the sand at the beach.

This is called Earthing and it transfers free electrons from the Earth’s surface into your body that spread throughout your tissues.

You’ll feel amazing afterwards and even surprised at how quickly this will raise your vibration into a good feeling place!



Exercise is a great way to ground yourself! Anything your like and keeps your body moving will release endorphins and will help to take out all the negative energy out of your body.

Many people go to the gym and engage in exercise they don’t really like, which can have the opposite effect of making you just feel more exhausted and drained.

So, the trick here is to stay with an activity that your enjoy doing: yoga, running, swimming, dancing, etc.

Anything that gets your blood flowing and makes you happy and energised!

If you can exercise around nature, then it’s even better!


Take a sea salt bath

Salt is a powerful thing that quickly eliminates all negative energy from your body.

The best thing you can do is just take a dive in the ocean, but if this is not possible just prepare a bubble bath at home and add sea salt in it.

Epsom salt is great, but just regular sea salt from the kitchen will do it too.

Put the lights down low in the bathroom, light some candles if you wish and stay in the bath for about 20 minutes. Just allow yourself to relax and think about nothing.

If you can go to a spa, it I can also help to enjoy the jacuzzi or spend a few minutes in the steam room.


Eat grounding food

Foods that come directly from the Earth like root vegetables do wonders to keep you grounded.

Pay attention to what you eat daily and plan your meals in advance if you can, so you can avoid eating things that are unhealthy to your body and make you more vulnerable to feel ungrounded.

Also, pay close attention to how your body feels after you eat. You’re supposed to feel good and energised, so any food that makes you feel sluggish, bloated or just plain bad, avoid it.


Using crystals

There are many different crystals and using them can help you ground yourself too.

Black tourmaline and rose quartz are great for grounding, but if you like crystals, just choose the one(s) that make you feel good. Or let the crystals choose you by feeling naturally drawn to them!

You can even hold a crystal in your hand whilst meditating.


Surround yourself With Positivity

Surround yourself with people and situations that make you feel good and lift you higher!

This involves making conscious choices of who and what is allowed to be in your life.

Something you can also do that works wonders to make you feel instantly good is watching a funny or inspirational video, or reading inspirational quotes.

Remember, the conscious act of recognising when you feel ungrounded and act upon it to make you feel good again is very powerful!

Not only it makes you aware of how you feel but connects you with your inner power to change your vibration at any times.


Inspire Yourself

Think about the reason why you do the spiritual work you do and how it inspires and helps others in so many ways.

By doing this you’ll inspire yourself to go on social media with the right energy and feeling your purpose! Other people will feel it too and respond in amazing ways!


In summary, always show yourself on social media with the right positive vibration.

I’m not saying by any means that you have to be “perfect”, sometimes we can also show our vulnerability and say to our followers “I am not feeling it today for this and that reason”. That is just being human after all and people can relate to that.

But, when you take some time to raise your vibration and feel good, you are being a mirror to others showing them you take responsibility for your own energy.

And that is powerful stuff, because it is like a magnet of positivity that will attract the right people to you.

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