Why Many Entrepreneurs Struggle With Social Media & How To Solve It…?

In the many years I have now been helping heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you getting more clients and growing their businesses through social media, I have noticed one very powerful, yet simple ‘trick’ that defines the successes from the failures. 
I bet you can’t guess what it is? 
You’re probably thinking, oh Carla, its marketing, the latest Facebook trick, having a marketing budget, having a network of people or even bucket loads of clients. 
And you would be WRONG! 
The biggest ‘trick’ that I want to share with you is MINDSET. 
I hear it all the time that spiritual entrepreneurs love what they do, they want to help more people and grow their businesses, but they are HIDING.

They are afraid of showing themselves FULLY on social media, scared that people are not going to like them, that they are not perfect, that they are going to be criticised, or even worse, that they are going to be exposed and ridiculed.

Believe me, all those things come from a place of fear and ego. Ego wants you to stay in your comfort zone but your soul wants to expand and for you to have ALL you want in your life.


The best thing to do is to see fear as a yellow light. You can go back to red and continue to hide from the world and never have all you ever wanted, or you can move on to green and breakthrough.

So, I want to give you a simple strategy to move forward to green that I have used it myself.


Instead of focusing on “what will people think of me”, think of all the people that NEED your help!

They exist! They are on social media, waiting for you to stop hiding and be able to meet halfway with them.

And they are ready to work with you! They need your message and your help the exact way you deliver it.

By stepping out of behind the bushes, you are being of service to the world and the right people WILL find you and WILL like you and WILL want to work with you.

And those are the ones that matter. Your tribe.
I urge you to take this ‘trick’ and apply it today on your social media presence.

Do something you have never done before. A 5 minute live video, ask a relevant question, give your honest opinion about a hot topic.

And do that by taking the focus out of yourself, and putting the focus on helping and delivering value to others.

You’ll see how expansion FEELS GREAT! 🙂

When you buy the Guidebook “From Invisible to Connected”, I offer you free bonus the eBook “Social Media Mindset For Spiritual Entrepreneurs”, where I tell you more yummy stuff on how to stop hiding and step into the right success mindset.



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