Are You a Heart-Centered Business Owner

Ready to Become FULLY Visible?


Firstly, let’s define “heart-centered business”.

A heart-centered business is one with the main mission of making a positive difference in other people’s lives and bring light into the world.

There are heart-centered businesses in all sectors: from hospitality to IT, from energy healing to coaching, from blogging to fitness, and much more.

They all have that in common: a purpose of doing good to others and fulfill a mission. It is always something that each heart-centered business owner believe will improve their client’s lives and contribute positively to the world in some way.

The heart-centered business owners I help with social media marketing are on this path: they are doing something they love and feel it is their life mission. It comes from their hearts.

But, it is still a business. It still needs to be visible and you making a profit from it. And yes, you can have and deserve to have it all: a heart-centered business AND have amazing clients/customers AND make tons of money from it.

To achieve that, you need to be VISIBLE.

And social media is an amazing way of reaching and connecting with the right clients.

I have been working in social media for over 10 years and I fully embrace using social media to reach and connect with your “tribe” and grow your business.

Marketing tools and techniques are great, but for a heart-centered business owner, the focus needs to be on being genuine, on showing up fully and authentically, and that way attracting the right people effortlessly and naturally.

Also, let me tell you that you do not need to have a huge following on social media, or be agressively selling your products/services, or be “salesy”.

Using social media properly for a heart-centered business is all about being where your “tribe” already is, connecting with the right people and creating and developing strong relationships online, and nurturing them along the way.

Putting yourself out there 100%, showing what makes you unique and how you can help others. THAT is what will attract your clients to you.

That is the true formula for success on social media.

I offer several services where I can help you quickly have a strong presence on social media and start reaching and connecting with the right people – that are ready and willing to work with you!

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